SUPER SIDEKICKS is going global!

Sorry, it's been ages since my last update. I've been so busy making comics I haven't had a chance to say hi. But I just wanted to update you with some exciting news. SUPER SIDEKICKS, the middle grade graphic novel series that I'm working on and is currently being published here in Australia by Penguin Random House is being published in the USA and UK next year!

And Norway too, I might add!


This is just the best news as it's given me the opportunity to work full-time on the series for the time being without worrying how I'm going to pay the bills. Hallelujah! 

Those of you who have been following me for awhile know this is the culmination of everything I've been working towards the past 3 or so years (in addition to the past 15+ years of making comics) - writing more of my stuff, trying to create more complex stories and doing my own thing as I grew a bit tired of adapting quotes by other people with Zen Pencils. 

SUPER SIDEKICKS is aimed at 6-12 yr olds and is about Junior Justice, Flygirl, Dinomite and Goo, all young superhero sidekicks who are sick of taking orders from their adult partners and decide to form their own super team. It's a funny and action-packed adventure series. Book 1, No Adults Allowed, was released in Australia/NZ in April and Book 2, Ocean's Revenge, just came out here a few weeks ago. I'm currently working on Book 3 which will be published locally in April 2020. I'm not positive, but I think Book 1 will be released in US/UK in November 2020. So it's still awhile away but it's never too early to let you know about it :)

Welcome to my new site!

Hi and welcome to my new site. I used to have a portfolio site years ago but I let the hosting lapse and my old domain (gavinaungthan) is being squatted on. I never really felt the need to keep paying for it as I posted everything on But I thought now was a good time to set one up again as I branch away from Zen Pencils and start to work on other projects, namely SUPER SIDEKICKS!

SUPER SIDEKICKS is really exciting for me, creating just for kids and letting my imagination run wild. I was getting a bit stagnant and uninspired after working full-time on Zen Pencils for six years so it’s great to feel my creative juices flowing again. I’ve been working hard on Super Sidekicks for the past 5 months and just turned in book 1. It was exhausting and I’m using a bit of downtime to get this site up and running before starting work on book 2.

I’ll post updates on the launch and any other news here on the blog so stay tuned :)

- Gav